What are Profections? Annual Profections is a Hellenistic time-lord technique, and yes, time-lord techniques are as cool as they sound. Time-lord techniques allow you to determine which planets in a natal chart are activated, switched on, or “awake” during a given time period.


Oct 4, 2018 Determining the profected time lord for the year is a relatively easy process, and as I'm sure you can tell is an invaluable tool for yearly 

• No name for it in the Hellenistic tradition. – Determining the Lord of the Year • Count one sign per year from the rising sign. – Ruler of the sign you come to becomes LOTY. • Latin profectio: a going away, setting out, departure, advance.

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2016-02-26 · In fact, it comes out of the technique of profections. The simplest version of which connects your age to the different houses in your astrology chart. At its most basic, every age that’s a multiple of 12 is a 1st House year. So that’s when you turn 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and so on. Monthly Profections Basics The monthly profection always involves moving (i.e. profecting) the Ascendant one sign per month.

Once you have assessed the natal potential of the planetary placements in a person's  Mar 21, 2021 There are so many transits happening in the sky, it can be hard to organize and prioritize which to pay attention to. Using the annual profections  Today's workshop was about Annual Profections and finding the Time Lord for Annual Profection Chart by @kellysastrology Did you know every year of your  Hellenistic timing technique that sidesteps all this confusion and evaluates the solar return within the context of a time lord procedure called annual profections  Jul 20, 2018 Annual Profection for George W Bush, 1947 bi-wheel. See page 52, figure 14, Astrological Prediction: A Handbook of Techniques by Öner  Posts about profections written by Peter Stockinger.

About Annual Profections. Annual Profections is the name commonly used to refer to the most widespread time-lord technique that was used during the Hellenistic 

My story. Hi, Im Russ doctor, therapist, father, trainer of health professionals, and author of The Happiness Trap (plus eight other books). Annual Profections, Lots, and Zodiacal Releasing. In this article, I will present two timing techniques that were used by Hellenistic astrologers to determine when … According to Lilly (CA 716f), profections are threefold: annual, monthly and diurnal.

Annual profections


Annual profections

the time of the annual solar return and the degree of the profected ASC should be the natal ASC degree. Annual Profections must be looked at through your natal chart. Look at Saturn natal dignity. Look at your natal aspects to Saturn and what house it rules, and is in, in your natal chart. Look at your Eighth house ruler, do all the same. Look at what Transit Saturn triggers in your chart this year, as they will be especially strong.

Annual profections

Jag har aldrig analyserat eller använt prediction teknikerna förutom profection men astrologin, där analyserar man personens year cycle och annual cycles. Jag har aldrig analyserat eller använt prediction teknikerna förutom profection men astrologin, där analyserar man personens year cycle och annual cycles. Jag har aldrig analyserat eller använt prediction teknikerna förutom profection men astrologin, där analyserar man personens year cycle och annual cycles.
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The general idea is that each year of our life corresponds to a  Aug 13, 2020 ANNUAL PROFECTIONS. THE MURDER OF SHARON TATE.

Discovering your Time Lord planet (s) through profections, an ancient Hellenistic technique, can help you find out which planets to focus on over the course of a year. It helps narrow down which transits will be most important. Each year, a different house will be activated in the chart, which indicates the topics that will come to the forefront If you’re curious about exploring annual profections further, you can sign up for FREE and attend the Fresh Voices in Astrology online summit hosted by Astrology University next month.
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2016-11-01 · Leo is ruled by the Sun; Cancer is ruled by the Moon. If your annual profection place is one of these signs, you are more susceptible to new/full moons and eclipses in particular. And if your profection place is ruled by Mercury, its retrograde periods throughout the year affect you more.

There are two different profection calculation methods - Hellenistic and Medieval. What Are Annual Profections? Step 1: Use your age to find what profection year you are in. Every year of your life is associated with a different Step 2: Once you’ve found your profected sign and house, determine which planet is the ruler.